Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet

Most of us have tried numerous diets that have not produced any results. Besides leaving us with our excess fat, we have been left with the despair of not being able to improve our bodies. But, what if there was a way to lose the fat and possibly with little effort?

The low carb and ketogenic diet have received its fair share of bad publicity and while many have tried it, even more, have given up on it. Is it because the diet does not work or we are not abiding by the rules? The ketogenic diet has several benefits, besides weight loss, that we are going to explore.

You will have more energy

Glycogen storage levels are limited in the body, therefore, the body needs a constant new supply to provide you with energy. As your body is filled with fats when you are on a ketogenic diet, and it has plenty of storage for it, you will have an energy source that is very difficult to deplete.

Combats Type 2 diabetes

When you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, you are also experiencing an increase in the production of insulin. While on the ketogenic diet, your body receives a minimal amount of sugar intake, therefore, the HbA1c count has been lowered and type 2 diabetes has been obliterated.

Your blood pressure will be lowered

When you have a high blood pressure, you are almost guaranteed of having heart problems in the future. The ketogenic diet is able to help you lower your blood pressure and consequently reduce the risk of heart problems. Some individuals have reported stopping the use of medications for high blood pressure once they got on the ketogenic diet.

The diet improves your mental focus

Consumption of carbs results in inconsistent blood sugar levels. As a result, the brain is not able to provide you with sufficient energy for you to be able to concentrate for long durations. During ketosis, the brain makes use of ketones which is consistent, thereby, enabling you to focus for prolonged periods.

Weight loss

Now we are getting to the benefit that most people have been searching. Since the body is devoid of carbs, it has to burn fat to produce energy. During ketosis, the fat cells are able to excrete the water that the body has retained. As soon the water leaves the body, people experience a significant loss of body fat.

Better control of your appetite

When you stop consuming carbs, you do not feel as hungry as before. Your body is able to adjust to the new diet and does not need the carbs anymore. As a result of releasing the urge of carbs, your body suppresses your appetite and you eat less.

Anybody who was dubious to enter the ketogenic diet has seen the benefits after reading this article. Besides helping you to lose weight drastically, the diet will help to improve your focus, give you energy, suppress your appetite and may even treat type 2 diabetes.